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The 19th edition : Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 July 2016Mascotte Cyclo Luc Alphand

Saturday 9 JulyCyclo Luc Alphand Galibier2

Route A « Granfondo du Val de Susa » 205 km and 4200m elevation gain, ride Montgenèvre, Mont-Cenis (italian side), Télégraphe and Galibier passes.

Sunday 10 July

Route B : 108 km and 2000 m elevation gain, côte de Champcella and mythic Izoard pass and famous « Casse déserte ».

Route C : 85 km and 1300m elevation gain, Montgenèvre and Echelle passes.


The 19th Serre-Che is already in preparation and its enduring appeal is down to our loyal partners and volunteers whom we must thank for succeeding in creating this memorable summertime event in our magnificent Serre Chevalier Valley.

This latest Serre-Che is scheduled for Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 July 2016 and features new routes and the full grandeur of the Alps. For this 19th Serre-Che the organisers bring you stunning new routes that cross legendary mountain passes such as those at Izoard, Mont-Cenis, Télégraphe and Galibier via its northern flank…

As in previous years, participants will have the choice of three different routes along mountain roads closed to traffic. These three routes give something for everyone, and combine technical ability with mountain terrain and beautiful landscapes.

Our patron, Luc Alphand, and I look forward to seeing you on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 July 2016 to share in the fun of the race and to savour the pleasure of proving your stamina and testing yourself to your limits.

Sportingly yours
Christian BOURBON
President of the Organising Committee

 Taking on the great mountain passes here in Serre Chevalier is the stuff of legend. With the Serre-Che we are giving you the opportunity to             experience that for yourself, and believe me it will be truly unforgettable.

Cyclo Luc Alphand

For this latest Serre-Che the organisers are bringing you new routes and stunning panoramas from those legendary mountain passes and giants of the Alps, the Izoard, Echelle, Télégraphe, Galibier and the enchanting Mont-Cenis. So, join us for this latest event in the series and find out how the bike is king here in Serre Chevalier in the summer. See you soon with your bike!

Luc Alphand